Friday, February 27, 2015

Christians Against Dinosaurs

This is another of those stories that sounds like it has to be a joke, or at least I hope it is. A woman claiming to be a Christian mother has started a Facebook group that purports to oppose the very existence of dinosaurs. Most creationists don't deny dinosaurs exist, but instead believe that they co-existed with humans and generally assert that they perished in the great flood. Some even go so far as to claim that references to "dragons" in the Bible are pointing out that very fact.

However, the Christians Against Dinosaurs Ministry takes scientific illiteracy even further, alleging that dinosaurs never even existed and were made up as a hoax by scientists for reasons that seem to make sense only in its founder's mind. That's why I want it to be a joke, because otherwise it indicates that the depth of human stupidity is even greater than I had previously assumed.

"Nothing about dinosaurs is suitable for children, from their total lack of family values through to their non-existence from any serious scientific point of view."

That's what a Christian mother wrote on a message board, in case you thought the Internet couldn't become any weirder. The mother's protest has gone viral, garnering the world's collective side-eye with a bizarre rant about dinosaurs that's so weird it sounds like a hoax.

The writer, who goes by the screen name CADministry (which stands for "Christians Against Dinosaurs Ministry," and has a Facebook presence), said she's concerned about the "pretty flimsy" science of the our extinct friends and is "getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children."

Dinosaurs lack "family values?" I challenge these folks to show me any animal that has them. Animals do all sorts of things that plenty of humans, especially self-righteous ones, find distasteful. Again, it sounds like the founder of this group is arguing that animals should get married and live in the suburbs with 2.3 offspring if they want to be seen as acceptable in the eyes of God, which is an utterly laughable and probably made-up position.

Probably the biggest blow that CAD is trying to strike against other creationists is to undermine one of their best arguments, which is that the only thing cooler than Jesus is Jesus riding a dinosaur. But if dinosaurs never existed, it would seem that the Savior is out of luck there.

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