Friday, February 10, 2017

Ghost Sex on Television

Sure, why not? Sadly, this image is not actually a video.

There are certain things I look for in a good Augoeides weird news story. I recently came across this article, which manages to connect ghosts, sex, and Britist reality television. In short, it's absolutely perfect. According to several accounts, a contestant on the British reality television series The Jump was "sexually violated" by a ghost in her hotel room.

British paralympian Kadeena Cox and retired rugby star Gareth Thomas are two of the celebrities competing on “The Jump,” a British show where famous people compete in various snow sports ― a “Ski Jump With The Stars,” if you will.

The season’s first episode aired Sunday on the Channel 4 network. But the show is scaring up more attention for what’s happening in the celebs’ hotel rooms. During the episode, the 25-year-old Cox reportedly asked for a new room after allegedly being sexually violated by a ghost.

Another competing celebrity, Emma Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Corwall’s niece, said on the show that Cox “was penetrated” by some sort of paranormal entity. Thomas, 42, concurred.

“She had a ghost going in and out of her. She had a sleep thing,” he said, according to the Sun. “She wishes it were a person… It was going in and out of her body.” The feeling was apparently so real to her, she asked for a room change, as did Thomas.

Now my degree is in psychology and I'm familiar with hypnogogic hallucinations and the like. It's possible something like that is going on here, maybe having to do with the conditions in that particular room. But what if it really is the work of a wayward spirit?

I haven't heard anything about paranormal investigators checking out the room, or anything like that, which seems to me would be a logical first step. This apparently happened on the first and only episode of the series to air so far this season, so I suppose audiences will have to stay tuned.

Of course, if there is no forthcoming paranormal investigation, the cynical part of me thinks that this could just be a ploy to drum up ratings. As in, Cox had some sort of unusual but not unheard-of sleep paralysis event, and everyone on the show is talking it up as though it were a genuine paranormal entity.

So maybe I shouldn't be posting about this and giving it more attention if it's all just a ploy. At the same time, though, I don't know if you can even watch The Jump in the United States, and even if there is a ghost, the show frankly doesn't sound interesting enough for me to watch it.

I'll follow the story, though, and see if any more information about this situation is forthcoming. If it isn't, I suppose you can draw your own conclusions about the nature of the "sex ghost."

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