Monday, October 30, 2017

My Latest Ritual Template

One of the things I do here in the Twin Cities at my local OTO body is run a Ritual Night workshop class every Tuesday night. It gives me a chance to teach the rituals that I post about here on the blog, and also to experiment with various ideas that sometimes make it into articles (if they're any good) and sometimes don't (if, say, they don't work at all). So this is probably a little underwhelming for my Magick Monday fans after the Path of Initiation series that I just wrapped up, but it is a handy document for anyone looking to construct their own rituals from scratch.

Ritual Night attendees keep asking for all of this information, so I decided to write up this short outline that shows the full structure for ceremonial operations using Aleister Crowley's versions of the Golden Dawn and Thelemic ritual forms. That way, I can just refer them here. I also am putting together a handout with the same information to give out tomorrow night. Note that there are reasons for why each piece goes where it does, and sometimes those reasons are technical enough that they do not need to be fully understood in order to start working with practical magick. In my opinion, waiting until you completely understand everything that you're doing is just one more way to put off the work. You can get good results from these operations long before your comprehension of them is complete, and your understanding should continue to deepen as you work with them.

I. Opening the Field

Both of these rituals should be used in this order to get the best results. There are other variations, but those all have specialized applications. This is the order that I call the “operant field.” It banishes at the microcosmic level (you), and invokes at the macrocosmic level (the rest of the universe).

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram – or – The Star Ruby
The Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram – or – The Star Sapphire

Note that “Lesser” means preliminary or general, not insignificant or less important. Having the strongest possible foundation helps make your magick as effective as it can be. At least one reader found this a little unclear as written. What I mean by the OR up there is that you open with either 1. LBRP/LIRH or 2. Star Ruby/Star Sapphire. You don't do the LBRP and Star Ruby together, or the LIRH and Star Sapphire together.

II. Identification with the Divine

Identification with the Divine (or Godhead Assumption or The Preliminary Invocation) gives you the authority to command the spirits. In the context of daily work, it aligns your consciousness with that of the ultimate level of reality, however you conceive of it.

The Middle Pillar – or – The Elevenfold Seal from Liber V vel Reguli

The sequence should be practiced up to here at least once per day. It is pretty short once you get it down. Once you know it, you will be using it to begin every practical operation in addition to your regular daily work. That way, when you start in on practical work you should already have this part memorized.

III. Tuning the Space

The section begins every practical and mystical operation associated with a particular element, planet, or sign. See Column XLV in Liber 777 – “Magical Powers (Western Mysticism).” The sephiroth correspond to the various mystical visions in the order that they generally unfold. The paths correspond to practical operations.
  1. Elemental Operations: The Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram for the element that you are working with. The names of power for the elements and planets can be found in Column V of Liber 777 – “God-Names in Assiah.”
  2. Planetary Operations: The Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for the planet that you are working with. The names of power for the elements and planets can be found in Column V of Liber 777 – “God-Names in Assiah.” For planets, the names of power differ according to whether you are working with a sephira or a path.
  3. Zodiacal Operations: The Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for the zodiacal sign that you are working with. The names of power for the signs can be found in Column CXL of Liber 777 – “Twelve Banners of the Name.” They are all various permutations of YHVH.
IV. The Conjuration

Conjure the spirit by the appropriate names of power. The name of power is the same name that you vibrated during the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram or Hexagram. The names of the spirits can be found in several places in Liber 777.

The spirits ruling the elements can be found in Column LIX – “Angels of the Quarters,” and Column LXII – “Kings of the Elemental Spirits.” The spirits ruling the sephiroth can be found under Column XCIX – “Archangels in Assiah.”

The spirits ruling the planetary and zodiacal paths can be found under Column CLXXVII – “Geomantic Intelligences.” and Column LIX – “Angels of the Quarters.”

The conjuration should be worded something like this:

[Spirit], I hereby call and conjure you by the name of the great and mighty [Name of Power]. I call upon you to manifest here within this place of working, that you may attend to my behest. AMEN.

Then vibrate the name of the spirit repeatedly until you sense its presence. The sensation you get will probably be subtle, but it should also be easily recognizable with some practice.

V. The Charge

The charge should relate in some way to the powers of the spirit, and it should be as clearly defined and delineated as you can make it. A charge has two parts:

The Injunction: This is what you want the spirit to do. “Spirit, bring me a million dollars…”
The Limitation: This is what you don’t want the spirit to do. “…without causing injury to my loved ones or damage to my property.”

The two work together. For this example, casting for large sums of money is difficult, and one of the easiest paths in the modern world for it to manifest is an insurance settlement. But to get a settlement, somebody close to you has to be hurt or killed, or some of your property has to be damaged. So if you get the money that way, you’re not really “ahead” in any meaningful sense.

Also, you should always give a time limit, something like two weeks to a month if you have the time. The time limit means that the operation won't keep running long after you have forgotten about it, which can deplete your magical abilities.

VI. The License to Depart

This is the opposite of the conjuration. It sends the spirit on its way to accomplish whatever task you have set it to getting done. It is worded similarly to the conjuration:

[Spirit], I hereby license you to depart unto your proper place by the name of true and almighty [Name of Power] that you may accomplish your appointed task. I charge you to depart peacefully and quietly, and may peace be ever continued between us. So mote it be!

Give the spirit a few moments to depart. You probably won’t feel much when it leaves aside from a slight shift in the atmosphere of the room.

VII. Closing

If you want to fully detach from magical force that you just set in motion, perform The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or Star Ruby. Otherwise, just perform the version of The Qabalistic Cross corresponding to whichever pentagram ritual you used to open your ritual.

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javier said...

Hi Scott ¡¡

fantastic again ¡¡¡¡¡

now other grimoiros could be explored with these schemes.
for example I want to invoke the angel of the schemphaforash YELAIAH falls in the sign of scorpio, and responds to the name of YoLaHe, has his psalm and tarot card, for the gd is associated with the first dean and second quinary of pisces, responds to the Divine name of Him and the archangel Amnitziel (in the plane of the Golden Dawn) but I prefer the connection with Scorpio, how to put this into practice Scott ,?

Scott Stenwick said...

Let me see if I understand what you are asking. You have an angel who is associated (A) with the sign Scorpio and (B) with the first decan and second quinary of Pisces, and you want to call the Scorpio aspect of this angel instead of the Pisces aspect?

If so, when you get to step III, use the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram for Scorpio with the godname YoLaHe. Then, conjure YELAIAH by YoLaHe. You should be good to go. For the Pisces aspect, use Pisces names and forms. Basically, you can think of the space-tuning step as adjusting the environment of your temple to the energy you want to work with.

So if you have an angel that has both Scorpio and Pisces aspects, you tune the space to Scorpio to work with the Scorpio aspect and tune it to Pisces to work with the Pisces aspect.

javier said...

Hi Scott

I think that this operation can serve as research and as an expansion, in this case the data comes from Nick Farrell (Shen grimoire), very little has been written about the angels of the schemphaforash
Here we have the following data.
Divine Name-YoLaHe
pisces degrees 216 to 220ยบ
Deanery ruled by Saturn
Arcane of the tarot-8 of glasses

Reply to the name Divine- YHVH Tzabaot
Title based on the Psalm-Deus Aeternum Manamens
if in this case from the sphere of the Golden Dawn
HHYV for pisces.
from these data the ritual can be structured, to me in this case it seems very important to me the form of the YHVH for piscis-next to YoLaHe, both are names of Atziluh the Angel of the schemphaforash belongs to Yetzirah, perhaps in the part where we make the request, these names can be named, including the zodiacal Archangel-which belongs to Briah,the question is whether to tune the space in the hexagram with HHYV or YoLaHe,and as I say say the other names at the time of making the request

Scott Stenwick said...

Okay. Where did the Scorpio association you mention come from? I just see Pisces.

You really only need one name at the Atziluth/Briah level, and that's what you should use to tune the space. You probably don't need to call on the Archangel for this operation, though you could experiment. The issue is that Amnitziel responds to HHYV and YELAIAH responds to YoLaHe.

So basically, that's two separate operations. The Archangel may be at the Briah level, but it doesn't directly control YELAIAH - at least, it wouldn't based on what you're telling me here. If I were doing this, I would just tune and conjure with YoLaHe in order to work with YELAIAH, and not worry about any of the rest.

Anonymous said...

@enokiano you can conjure a Shem angel by the permutation of the sign alone. You can also use the name YAH (Chokmah), and the names of the archangel Raziel and that of the specific angel of each sign. Add the GIRH of the sign after the Operant Field.

javier said...

Hi Scott and Dacia ¡¡

There are different versions to locate the Angels, the Golden Dawn uses a zodiac from Leo's O grade, to place the first Angel, others place it in O degrees of Aries, I have used it for the Angel SEHELIAH, the formula in the scorpio hexagram SaAhLah (is the triune form that governs this Angel) in this case I have not used the location of the Golden Dawn, in 7 hours there has already been a magical result, I find it very curious.I seemed a very balanced type of Force I did not use trithemium table

Dacia could you better describe that operability that you say?

javier said...

another thing that in this case has appeared is that the letters for example SaAaLa for Seheliah, I draw the three bright white letters, (I thought to draw the complementary color to the blue of scorpio) in each of the letters I have seen a flame of fire, like the fire of a candle flame, on top of each letter,I find it interesting and of course the atmosphere changed

Dallan said...

Master Scott, how to make an evocation of two spirits in the same rite?
for example: casting the 4 elemental kings in the same ritual
to cast 2 archangels or angels or Olympic spirits in the same ritual?
I would like to know the method of working with two or more spirits in a single ritual

Anonymous said...

@Dallan do the Operant Field opening and go ahead with the conjurations for each spirit at a time, without the greater rituals. The Arbatel mentions to conjure each Olympic Spirit in the day of their planet, so better stick to that in that case.

Anonymous said...

@enokiano sorry, I've just seen your question to me here.

Say you wanna conjure the Shem angel Vehuiah. I think it's from Aries.

I would to the ritual as such:
1. LBRP-LIRH aka Operant Field
2. Invocation of the Almighty + MP
3. GIRH of Aries
4. Conjuration: Vehuiah, come to me mighty angel of the firmament, you who (state his powers). By the holy name YHVH (Tetragrammaton permutation for Aries) I conjure you to appear bla bla...


Vehuiah, come to me bla bla... By the holy name Yah and by the archangel Raziel I conjure you to appear bla bla...

5. Charge + offering
6. License to depart
7. LBRP or just QC depending on the intent of the ritual

Scott Stenwick said...

@Dallan, Dacia beat me to this one. That is right - to conjure two spirits with different attributions, you skip the Greater rituals because they tune your space to a single attribution. Just use the operant field - LBRP/LIRH - plus your preliminary invocation of the divine, and start right in on the conjuration.

Note that you can use a Greater ritual if all of the spirits you are conjuring have the same attribution. For example, if you are calling the four angels associated with a KOS pentacle of Mercury, you can still use the Greater Ritual of the Hexagram for Mercury because they all are attributed to the same planet.

Anonymous said...

@Scott I've learned it from you, obviously, so thank you! :D

Dallan said...

@scott @dacia Thank you, I used the Olympic spirit as an example.
, I meant how to call two spirits with different assignments (the word fled from my mind when I wrote)
I can not call two Olympic spirits on the same day, but I can call the archangel of the day next to the Olympic spirit, for example: sachiel and bethor in the same ritual,
but my idea is to call an archangel and an angel, but shem angels have deaneries with different planetary assignments,
  the doubt is how I can cast spirits with different assignments in the same rite was answered and I could understand, thanks for the help

@scott rufus did a single ritual in which he called 6 archangels the same day and hour I would like to hear comment on this please
and in the end what would be the provision of the altar to work with two spirits with different assignments? by my understanding, one sigil should stand by the other and an offering close to secrecy is that your way of working as well?

Dallan said...

scott Have you ever worked with the fixed stars?

Anonymous said...

@Dallan you're over thinking it - I'll tag you in the group ;)

Scott Stenwick said...

I have done a couple of rituals with them, but at this point I'm still working out the best method to do it. I haven't done enough rituals with them at this point to give me a good sample set, so I don't really have much to say about them yet that I would consider authoritative or well-tested.

Scott Stenwick said...

Also, as far as what you are talking about with multiple archangels, there is no real problem with calling up a bunch of angels using a series of conjurations and giving them different instructions. If they have different attributions, though, you want to skip the Greater rituals and go from the invocation of the divine straight to the conjuration.

Rufus doesn't use Greater rituals at all, even when calling angels of a single attribution. In my opinion his method is more flexible in that regard, but mine is more precise. And anyway, if you just drop the Greater ritual that addresses the potential problem.

Dallan said...

@scott @ dacia thank you very much <3
master scott I wanted to know how to find the fixed stars,, my difficulty is to find them to make a talisman, I have an idea how to find the stars, but I need an opinion to I confirm that what I think correct, you can tell me how to find the fixed stars?
how to know which star is in heaven to make the talisman?

Scott Stenwick said...

These charts include the zodiacal location of each of the 15 fixed stars:

The stones listed can be used for talismans.

Is that what you were looking for? A star is in the heavens if the degree of the sign in which it is located is above the horizon, which you can find in any astrological chart. The fixed stars are all near the ecliptic, so fall along the same path that the zodiacal constellations take through the sky as the earth rotates.

Is that what you were looking for?

Dallan said...

was that right Master, thanks again,
I came to this doing test charts to understand, and you confirmed what I was thinking,
then I saw it on a christopher w blog. and he said he had to look at the sign from the middle of the sky so I ended up being uncertain
in my chart has a non-auspicious influence of a star and I intend to make a talisman to compensate for this and change that influence or at least mitigate its effects on my life.
If you can, write an article about the master fixed stars, the information ends up being confusing about this type of magic.

in your opinion, a talisman made of paper would have any effect?
I think of making a kind of mojo bag, where I would put the paper talisman and some corresponding herb

Thank you for your help
great master

Scott Stenwick said...

I have no idea what is meant by looking at the sign from the middle of the sky. Fixed stars have a specific degree position within the sign, so to see if it is overhead you just need to check if that degree position is above the horizon. That is, in the upper half of the chart wheel.

My natal sun missed Algol (considered by many the worst fixed star) "by THAT much" as the saying goes. Algol is 26 Taurus 25 and my natal sun is 27 Taurus 27. For fixed stars, you use one degree of orb. So I missed it being conjunct within orb by two minutes of arc.

I would expect a paper talisman to work fine. Draw the sigil that shows up in the chart I shared on it. For the angel, maybe call the angel of the appropriate degree by the godname attributed to the sign. For the herb, use the herb attributed to the sign. You could also use an appropriate stone if you have one available, again for the sign.

But bear in mind I haven't actually done much work with the fixed stars, so these are all extrapolations on my part. They're logical, but I don't know how well they will actually work in practice.

Dallan said...

Thank you Master Scott, it helped me a lot as always,
Did you mean shem angels? (I want to be sure)

The bolg was as follows:

Agrippa says the sign of the ascendant, I thought it was
  or ascending sign
and this confused me, but I did spica maps for example and understood how it worked and with your help I confirmed and learned a little more
thank you master

Scott Stenwick said...

I believe there are 72 shem angels, right? If so, I am not talking about them here. For the fixed stars, I think you will get the best results with the angel of the specific degree.

You will probably get some result if you just go with the angel of the sign. Angel of the decan is better. If the shem angels are attributed to half-decans, they probably would work better than decans. But the best result is going to be with an angel of the specific degree. There is a system for determining those, but I don't recall the source off the top of my head.

I wouldn't worry too much about creating the talisman at a specific time. That's important if you're not going to be calling on a specific spirit to empower it, but if you are (which I recommend) then the moment of "creation" is just the time when you start your conjuration ritual. You don't need to time both the ritual and the consecration with my method.

Warnock maybe needs to do that because the rituals of his that I've tried don't work very well, but that's a whole other conversation. He is a good astrologer and the rest of the electional article is accurate, if a bit involved (which full elections tend to be).

Anonymous said...

I think even Warnock conjures a spirit for the talismans of the Fixed Stars. At least that's how I remember reading somewhere on his page. But I guess he only teaches that method in his classes, since he didn't even mention the spirit he had used for the operation he wrote about.

Dallan said...

I will try,
master of what angels do you mean? of liber 777?
if you remember send me some other source about them please, if possible with siglo for them.
thank you very much!

Scott Stenwick said...

@Dacia: That might explain why the rituals I tried never worked. As I see it there are few things dumber in magick than deliberately publishing ritual instructions that don't include everything you need. I suppose it's one way to make money off the occult, but it's pretty shady if you ask me.

@Dallan: I don't remember the source off the top of my head. I'd have to do some searching, since this is a totally new procedure I'm talking about that I haven't tried. As a point, you might want to try and contact somebody who's actually done this work an can speak authoritatively on it. Even with all the pieces I've mentioned, I have no idea whether what I'm talking about here will work or not, or if it does work how strong the effect will be. It needs to be tested first, and probably tweaked a bit for best results.

Anonymous said...

@Scott my sentiments exactly, if that's the case

Anonymous said...

About the orbs of the Fixed Stars, Scott. They do have an orb of 1*, but doesn't the orb of the planet involved in a possible aspect count? For example, Antares is at +9* Sagittarius and my Saturn is at 5*12' Sagittarius. So there's no conjunction between them, apparently. But I've found somewhere that a Saturn-Antares conjunction in a birth chart can cause certain complications to one leg. I can't remember exactly how it went, but something about the sciatic nerve. Coincidentally or not, but I have a similar issue in my right leg. I don't know if it was caused by this possible aspect, and I did acquire it after an accident, but Saturn has a way larger orb than 1*, meaning that in my case, it can be conjunct the star.

Scott Stenwick said...

I was taught that it always is one degree of orb when working with aspects to fixed stars, period. It does not matter what the orb for the planet is. So no, your Saturn would not be conjunct Antares, just like my Sun is (barely) not conjunct Algol.

Anonymous said...

Phew! That's a relief :) Thanks!

Dallan said...

thank you master,
when possible I will test with the fixed stars.