Monday, November 12, 2018

Planetary Work Updated

The planetary work posts have now been updated with new conjurations calling on the Intelligence and Spirit from Agrippa in addition to the planetary angel. This hearkens back to my older method of working down through the spiritual hierarchy, but with some changes based on my more recent better understanding of the distinction between paths and sephirah. You don't need to conjure the godname because you already have used it to tune the space, and only use it as a controlling name for the angel during the conjuration. Otherwise, the assumption is that Angel rules Intelligence and Intelligence rules Spirit. All three entities are conjured and called upon, and presumably will fulfill their appointed tasks according to their individual natures.

Eventually I plan on updating the figures to include all three sigils instead of just that of the angel, but the designs that are there now should work. Effectively, the angel's sigil acts like a "phone number" to access the hierarchy and from there you are calling on the angel to help you conjure the intelligence and spirit - which I have tested out. The updated artwork will show up eventually, but some of the pieces such as the sigil for the Intelligence of the Moon are quite complex. Knowing myself, I probably will put up the easiest ones first and save that Moon figure for last. At any rate, the conjured names here now match the intelligence and spirit names in Liber 777 for the paths and also the information in my original Planetary Magick post from back in 2011 which remains quite popular. Happy conjuring!

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Alex Scaraoschi said...

I've been meaning to ask you this for some time, but i keep forgetting. I've been listening to the good Dr. Skinner's interviews for some time now, as i enjoy the simple way in which he explains what some would want to complicate by going all pompous about it :) Anyway, he often mentions the necessity of binding the spirit once it has arrived.

Now i've been thinking about it and i think this is necessary in cases where the magician conjures the spirit outside the circle, with no containment structure what so ever. The magician forces the spirit to stand still, so to speak, by use of words of power and such: I bind you spirit N, by the holy names bla bla. So the spirit stands still and the magician then goes on to conversing with it and asking it for whatever.

But since someone is using the Table of Art or any other such structure, i see no reason for such a binding for the spirit has nowhere to go but to remain inside of it, because such structures already contain names of power. Is this correct? I am asking this because i've noticed not all grimoires mention the use of a containment structure and i thought that to be the reason for using the binding.

Thank you!

Scott Stenwick said...

I never have used a ritual step like this and have never had any trouble conversing with a spirit conjured into a magical working space. It never would have occurred to me that they might have to stand still in order to have a conversation. After all, I could easily hold a conversation with another person in my temple even if they were wandering all over the place.

I do conjure the spirit by the appropriate names and so forth and charge it to "manifest unto me" as a general component of the conjuration. I don't know - maybe that serves the same purpose, though I have to say from your description it sounds entirely unnecessary to me.

Most of the time I do use Tables of Art and/or containment structures of other sorts and use verbiage like "manifest within this table of art" by the appropriate names. Since the Table of Art is a single small space, that does pretty much localize the manifestation of the spirit. But no, I still don't think it's necessary to do that as a separate step. Building it into the conjuration seems to work fine for me.

Anonymous said...

I understand. I have very similar experiences to what you describe. It's possible that would apply for chthonic spirits, since they're said to be more hard to control. Some of them, at least. Anyway, thank you!