Thursday, February 7, 2019

Witches for Putin

Since the election of Donald Trump, evangelical Christians have been up in arms about witches casting spells against him. There is some truth behind that belief, such as the Trump magick war from two years ago. Some magicians support Trump as well, such as Christian prayer warriors and so-called meme magicians. This week Vladimir Putin got some assistance as well, in the form of witches casting spells to embue him with "mystical energy."

Russian witches and seers performed on Tuesday one of their most powerful rituals, "the circle of power,” to pass on their mystical energy to President Vladimir Putin.

Dozens of people who claim to have supernatural powers stood side by side, reading spells in their effort to support the Russian head of state.

Self-proclaimed leader of the Russian witches Alyona Polyn said the main intention of the gathering is to enhance quality of life in Russia, the whole world in general and to support the president.

“We have gathered here to make the world better off through Russia,” Polyn said. "Come up with the greatness, power of Russia, direct the way of Vladimir Putin right and correctly throughout the word of mine,” she intoned during the ceremony.

This should cause something of a dilemma for evangelical Trump supporters, but it probably won't. Allegedly, evangelicals don't have a problem with Trump cozying up to Putin because they see Russia as a "Christian nation" that in theory supports their values. But it should be pretty clear that a guy who is getting magical assistance from a bunch of witches - in a state where he has easily amassed enough power to shut this ritual down without batting an eye - is not the sort of pious Christian they can support.

I mean, these are people who believe their souls are contaminated by signing a form authorizing a civil marriage between same-sex partners. A civil marriage, not a religious one. Likewise, they apparently believe that baking a cake for the wrong kind of wedding is a sin. Or that signing a form stating your opposition to abortion is sinful because it involves you "procuring" one. I can't even think of a good analogy highlighting how dumb that last one is.

These are things that Christians have asked to be exempted from in the name of religious freedom, on the grounds that their religion tells them it is sinful to be contaminated by association with such actions. But being okay a Russian dictator who is backed by witches is apparently just fine. To be fair, the meme magic thing supporting Trump is probably blasphemous too, but it also is just about impossible for even the president to shut down since civil liberties are protected better over here than in Russia.

But the truth is that it's not going to cause any real crisis of confidence because these folks don't care about coherent thought. They should if they want to get saved - coherence is the basis of spiritual progression, which is what "being saved" should really be about. But the kind of people who doubkle-down on their beliefs when exposed to contradictory facts are beyond help. They like Trump and Putin, and adjust their reality accordingly.

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ZeroZero said...

In Russia witchcraft as always co-existed with Orthodoxy especially in the nobility so there isn't anything "anti Christian" about this. It is in the West that such things got co-opted by the "powers-that-be" to create just more subversive fronts to help them destroy society and also to create more "factories of agents" thru the (fake) occult secret societies. Among the many people in charge of doing this were Aleister Crowley, a British and American special services agent that was given the order to create subversive, fraudulent occultism and secret societies. This leads us to why this witches are doing this: because they know that "Putin's Russia" is the only thing standing in the way of the anti-Human "New World Order". Stick to your Crowley farce, and your "Against THE MAN! (made by THE MAN!)" and "Question Authority! (made by Authority!) scam and leave the real deal to people like Alyona Polyn (even in this aspect Russia represents The Last Stance)

Scott Stenwick said...

Sure, I am aware that Russia has always had a tradition like this and it co-existed with Orthodox Christianity. My point was about American evangelicals and their hypocrisy of insisting that they need to have special rights and privileges to keep them from being made "impure" by mere association with anything they don't agree with, including witchcraft, but then being totally fine with it as long as it supports someone they like. I think the whole thing is silly on their part - I certainly don't agree with them.

As for the rest of your comment, let's just say that I don't agree with any of that either. But I doubt that comes as any surprise.