Saturday, May 4, 2019

Sweet, Sweet Alien Blood

Sabrina Sabrok is not just an adult film star, television personality, and satanic cult leader. She also claims to be the offspring of humans and aliens, due to her sweet, sweet alien blood. That's the kind of blood they would call "Rh-negative" if you were in the hospital and needed a transfusion, you might have it too, and there's absolutely no scientific evidence that it has anything to do with beings from another world. But then, that's exactly the sort of thing an Rh-positive full-blooded human like me would say, right?

Sabrina Sabrok, a self-styled psychic and medium who has recently set up a Satanic cult, appears to believe that her blood came from outside sources. "I worked with researchers who told me that my blood type is not from this planet," the 43-year-old former Playboy model told the Daily Star. "There are even theories that aliens carried out experiments with humans, mixing DNA and things like this. As a result, some people are Rh-negative," she was quoted as saying.

Rh-negative blood refers to the type of red blood cells that do not have a protein called the Rhesus (Rh) factor on their surface. Nearly 85 percent of the world's population is estimated to have Rh-positive blood, while the rest are Rh-negative. Rh-positive individuals can be given transfusions of both types of blood, but Rh-negative people should only get Rh-negative blood, because there's a chance that an incompatibility might happen otherwise.

Scientists believe that Rh-negative blood is the result of a mutation that happened during our evolution, but some conspiracy theorists suggest that Rh-negative individuals have evolved from aliens who mated with or experimented on humans when they came to our planet.

It's not clear where the Rh-negative = alien thing came from, but I have heard it floating around the Internet for awhile in the context of stories about alien abductions and the like. The "Rh" stands for "Rhesus factor" based on the erroneous conclusion that the human Rh factor was the same as a similar factor found in Rhesus monkeys (even though, in fact, it's not - but the name stuck). So maybe somebody might think that people without it didn't evolve from Rhesus monkeys? That would mean aliens had to be involved - even though, you know, humans are apes and none of us evolved from Rhesus monkeys.

Augoeides readers interested in Sabrok's satanic cult can find (a little) more information here, though not a lot of details are forthcoming about what kinds of practices membership actually entails. A lot of it seems to have to do with following Sabrok on Instagram.

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