Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Ritual Night Talk for September 21st

Happy Equinox, everyone! Here is the video of Tuesday's Ritual Night Talk, on magick as art and science. The donation link is here.

I talk a lot about magick from a scientific perspective, or at least as scientific a perspective as possible given the limitations of studying consciousness. But the practice of magick is also an art. The scientific side is about how it works, but the artistic side is about what you do with it. Magick is supposed to make your life better, and if you're doing it right it will. When performing magical operations you can think of yourself as artist creating the world in which your future self will be living. Keeping to this practice should lead to steady improvement and movement towards what you define for yourself as success.


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Bishop said...

I would also like to ask when doing Creative stuff do is it possible to produce probabilty shifts without magick?

Scott Stenwick said...

Yes, it is possible. It requires a heightened degree of focus while engaging in whatever creative activity you are doing.

And technically, what you're doing is fixing a thought in conjunction with your creative work, so it still is magick. It's just a different approach than the formal ceremonial one.