Friday, February 23, 2024

Oracle of Perception Kickstarter

Embalmed Apple is a longtime student of Tarot and many other systems of divination, and an accomplished magical practitioner. This Kickstarter is for the Oracle of Perception, a unique divinatory tool for exploring the archetypal forces that shape our perspectives regarding ourselves and the world around us.

Tarot decks follow the same overall general pattern, with Major Arcana cards attributed to the paths on the Tree of Life, the numbered cards corresponding to the four elements in each of the sephiroth, and so forth. Oracle decks are all different depending upon the design, with varying numbers of cards and their own symbolic structure.

The Oracle of Perception is a 30-card Oracle deck of original artwork based on archetypal imagery. They deck can be used for divination, pathworking, and expoloration of your mind's internal landscape. The artwork is striking and lovely, and the design of the deck naturally lends itself to meaningful and practical readings and meditations for facilitating personal growth and spiritual evolution.

As of this posting, the project is 24% funded. If it be your will, check it out. If you like what you see you can help to make this amazing deck a reality. The funding window is open until March 15th, and if the project is 50% funded by March 1st a bonus limited edition print will be added to each deck.

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