Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flying Spaghetti Monster Spotted in New Zealand

For a religion that started off as a joke lampooning creationists, Pastafarianism has sure come a long way. But maybe the reason that the religion has done so well is that the deity of the Pastafarians, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, really exists. At least, that's what this video from New Zealand seems to indicate. It's clear unlike a lot of paranormal footage, and you can see the noodly appendages and everything right there.

Pastafarians have always been vague about where their deity lives. Generally speaking, they maintain that this is because he doesn't exist. But if you think about it, New Zealand is a pretty logical place. It's humid, so his noodly appendages won't dry out, and not so hot that they might run the risk of becoming too mushy. And especially from the air, New Zealand has some of the most beautiful terrain in the world.

So will the theology of Pastafarianism change now that his secret place of residence has been discovered? Will New Zealand become a new place of pilgrimage for all who follow his noodly ways, or at least have a thing for full pirate regalia? I suppose only time will tell. Perhaps he will now be seen all over the world to reveal his teachings, including the sacred recipe for his secret marinara sauce.

It seems that whatever happens next, all those who wear colanders should now rejoice. He is among us!

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Nerd said...

I've always regarded these guys as being a little bit flippant.

"Flying spaghetti monster" to me sounds like they're just trying to throw random nouns and adjectives together, to mock the idea of "god." However as Jung and Joseph Campbell (among others) have shown, these archetypal images and themes exist as they do for a reason. They're not just some random mish mash of random superstitious bullshit.

These "atheists" often take the same flippant attitude towards anything that doesnt agree with "8th grade science" as well. I mean, yeah they're funny, but I think they're missing out on quite a bit.

"Woe unto you, pharisees, because you neither go through the door, nor do you allow others to do so."

Nerd said...

I should say as the Zohar has shown. lol. Even more impressively that Jung or Campbell.

Scott Stenwick said...

Oh, these folks are totally flippant. The original version was a joke that made fun of creationists trying to get their religious beliefs included in Kansas science textbooks. But then it took off and went viral.