Friday, June 12, 2015

Satanic Literature Strikes Oklahoma

It worked in Florida, so now it's happening in Oklahoma. A third grade teacher there distributed Bibles to students, an action that was defended on religious freedom grounds by the state's Attorney General. Therefore, Satanist Adam Daniels is asserting his right to distribute his own holy book to children at the school, a text entitled "Ahrimani Enlightenment" that teaches the tenets of Satanism.

Teaching children the tenets of Satanism, Daniels argues, is a right protected under Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt’s own legal language regarding the distribution of religious texts in schools. In an April 14 letter to the Duncan County superintendent, Scott warned of “a challenging time in our country for those who believe in religious liberty.”

“Our religious freedoms are under constant attack from a variety of groups who seek to undermine our constitutional rights and threaten our founding principles,” Scott says. “I am therefore writing to make clear that it is in fact legal for schools to allow the dissemination of religious literature and that I will take a stand to defend the religious freedom of Oklahomans.”

“Oklahomans do not need to live in fear that their government has become hostile to religion,” Scott asserts. “Schools have a right to enact neutral policies that allow all viewpoints on religion to thrive. As the Attorney General of Oklahoma, I will not stand idly by while out-of-state organizations bully you or any other official in this State into restricting the religious freedom the Founders of this country held dear.”

All viewpoints has to mean all viewpoints, or it means nothing at all. So if Scott is being honest here, Daniels has every right to distribute his book and should be allowed to do so. In Florida, Christians were so scandalized by Satanists wanting to distribute literature in schools that they eventually enacted a policy banning the distribution of all religious materials. That's probably what Daniels is aiming for as well.

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Nerd said...

I'm gonna have to start preparing some anti-science literature. Maybe some pro-drug religious literature. That'll show em! THE SACRED MUSHROOM AND THE CROSS, to all high schoolers!