Thursday, October 11, 2018

Twice in Ten Days?

Talk-radio "prophet" Mark Taylor has really been hitting them out of the park this month, at least in the crackpot department. After telling his fans last week that something about racehorses meant that Barack Obama's execution was imminent (?), this week he's claiming that Democrats conjured Hurricane Michael as "retaliation" for Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. If he keeps this up, he's going to get his own tag here on Augoeides just like Pat Robertson has. Do you think he's jealous or something?

Self-proclaimed Christian prophet Mark Taylor, who is the subject of a new movie produced by Liberty University, today declared that Hurricane Michael was created by Democrats as “absolute retaliation” for the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Last week Taylor revealed that liberals had created Hurricane Florence because the storm would “flood out the evidence” of voter fraud by Democrats. Taylor is a regular guest on Jim Bakker’s slop buckets show, where the audience shouts “amen” at his prophecies.

I suppose to a simpleton like Taylor the logic is obvious - if Pat Robertson conjures hurricane shields and is a Republican, Democrats must conjure hurricanes. Right? It also explains why the Trump administration has been unwilling to devote the necessary resources to rebuilding Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Why should he clean up after his political enemies? And the tactic is effective, too - Hurricane Katrina is considered one of the key events that hurt the George W. Bush Administration.

See how that works? Take one part simplistic black-and-white thinking, one part historical revisionism, and about a billion parts batshit crazy and you have some idea of how Mark Taylor sees the world. The dude has made exactly one accurate prediction - and not only that, the same prediction made by basically everybody who owned a MAGA hat in 2015. He predicted that Donald Trump would be elected president. For some reason, this got a bunch of fundies to make a movie made about him. He's been wrong about everything ever since.

To be clear, I'm not saying that it's impossible for a skilled magician to conjure a hurricane. It's also true that some of those magicians are probably Democratic voters - I usually am, especially these days. But the idea that any political objective could be served by conjuring up a random hurricane to hit a random place on the map makes no statement at all. I expect that if a Democrat really was good enough to do it and wanted to make a political statement, they would blast Mar-a-Lago right into the Atlantic Ocean.

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