Friday, February 7, 2020

Trump Wizard's Easy Spell Succeeds

Here's one from the level one spell books, or maybe level zero. In the lead-up to Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, "prophetess" Amanda Grace called on an "angelic army" to protect the president from being removed from office. That is, she conjured thousands (or more) of incredibly powerful celestial spirits in order to make sure something that was basically mathematically impossible didn't happen.

In a Wednesday night appearance on The MC Files, “prophetess” Amanda Grace told host Chris McDonald that she has called on God to unleash an “angelic army” featuring “warring angels with flaming swords” to protect President Donald Trump from the ongoing impeachment trial that’s currently taking place in the Senate, Right Wing Watch reports.

Jay Sekulow, the right-wing religious attorney who’s part of President Donald Trump’s legal team, was the first topic of discussion. Grace predicted he “will be a beacon of light on the hill, speaking with wisdom that only comes from Almighty God.”

“The den of lions will not touch him, for I have marked him and positioned him for such a time as this,” Grace claimed, speaking for God. “I will give him vision and I will expose to him what is being plotted behind closed doors. Revelation will come forth and he will emerge an incredible witness and mouthpiece for my glory. For I, the Lord, have already ruled in the courts, the gavel has dropped.

Later in the broadcast, she offered this prayer:

“We ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Father God, your army, your angelic army, your warring angels with flaming swords be dispatched, Father God, to shred, destroy, and put down every plot, scheme, contract, assignment, hex, vex, spell, and attempt of the enemy against the president, against those with him, against those praying for him, and against your people. We ask that you send, Father God, the captain of the army of the Lord of Hosts to lead that team right now — that legal team of the president’s — to lead them to victory and to expose and shine your divine light on what is hidden.”

And here I'm going to go on beating the same drum as always - this is magick. It's profoundly ironic that Christians who presumably hate magick use it all the time. Of course, they don't really hate it. They just want a monopoly on it, because they think only they should be able to use it. They're special. Everybody else is illegitimate.

It's also a robofish, as Gordon White would say in the context of sigil shoaling - a magical operation for an objective that almost certainly will succeed. Nobody ever seriously thought Trump was going to be removed from office. His party came out ahead of time and said that they wouldn't be voting to remove, and they hold a majority in the Senate. On top of that, actually removing a president requires a basically-impossible-these-days two-thirds majority, so even a few defections on the Republican side wouldn't have even come close.

In fact, it should be pointed out that Trump came out of the impeachment trial worse in one way than every other president who has ever been impeached - a member of his own party voted to remove him from office. Only one, mind you, so not enough to actually remove him but still. That one Republican vote to remove was cast by would-be White Horse Mitt Romney - who I'm not even going to make fun of here because he's the only Republican in the entire Senate who did the right thing.

So does that mean Grace's angels are losing their touch? I suppose not, if the intent of the operation was that Trump would remain in office. Regardless of the vote, a win is a win. But it was also a win that everybody saw coming with or without magical intervention.

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Charles R said...

Doesn't say much for God if He is on Trump's side. A poor choice of friend...

yuzuru said...

I love that just because the bitch is right wing and think she is christian she thinks she wouldn´t be burned as the rest of us.

Scott Stenwick said...

Yeah, the hypocrisy is strong among the Poor Oppressed Christian crowd.

Wildfire said...

So you decide on right or wrong REMEMBER choice freedom of speech I respect other people's opinions as long you dont hurt my family or take my freedom away

Scott Stenwick said...

Do you really think I am a significant enough voice to decide right and wrong in any meaningful sense? I state my opinions, sure, but that is what they are - opinions. I believe strongly in freedom of speech - you will note that I have not called for Amanda Grace to be silenced or "de-platformed" or anything like that. She absolutely has a right to say what she did. I have free speech rights too, and I chose to use my rights to make fun of her. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism or freedom from ridicule.

And you and I agree on your second point, too. Opinions are one thing, and concrete actions are another. I'm not a Christian. My problem with the whole "Poor Oppressed Christian" movement is that they apparently believe that me and my family "oppress" them by merely existing, and they back concrete legal actions to limit my freedoms based specifically on my beliefs. That is, the exact same thing they accuse me of doing to them, when I'm in fact doing no such thing. That's what I mean by hypocrisy among their crowd.