Saturday, April 30, 2022

Ritual Night Talk for April 29th

Here is the video of the latest Ritual Night Talk, on planetary magick. The planetary work link is here, the Greater Ritual of the Hexagram link is here, the Chart Victor link is here, the Simple Electional Timing link is , and the donation link is here.

The basic symbol sets of Western magick are three - the elements, planets, and signs of the zodiac. Each of these sets represents a complete system in and of itself. Planetary magick is a common schema found in various historical grimoires, and the powers of the planets include most of the sorts of powers people are looking for when doing practical operations - prosperity, love, success, revenge, and so forth. Planetary spirits generally work more slowly than elemental spirits, but they tend to be more powerful overall.


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HalcAre said...

Hey, I know this has come up before as an offhand joke, but what actually is the minimal amount of work you could do for your daily practices?

I was thinking that the qabalistic cross and an invocation would do for most days, with the full sequence with LBRP, LIRH, etc being done a few times a week would work.

I tend to try to accomplish too much and burn myself out, which results in me not practising for a few days. So I was looking into making my routine less demanding until it's a set in habit, and some meditation seems like the more important thing to habitualise for the first couple months.

I'd like my evocations to still work and make progress, my daily routine is fully memorised, and I'd still be doing a few practical workings a month. Would I be losing out to a significant degree by doing This?

Scott Stenwick said...

Generally what I do for daily practice is LBRP-Custom LIRH-Elevenfold Seal followed by a simple statement of intent. Once you get it down you can do it in five minutes or so. Which is not a lot of time, and I do like to open the operant field every day. I don't feel a need to simplify it further.

One the other hand, you can give what you're proposing a try and see how it works. It's hard for me to predict how effective it would be compared to what I do.

Bishop said...

When making charges to Angel,Intelligence and Spirit can the Angel usually figure out what you want even if you make a complex charge or statment about what you want?
Or even if you are strugling to explain what you want!
For example I conjured Jupiter entities and said I want generally luck!
Then I said it can come in many forms like money,job,friendship or whatever they can help with!
So I guess the Angel understood my statment and did n divide my charge beetwen those stuff when I said about luck that can come in many forms!

When you make a offering to Angel like alcohol do you need to tell the spirit you will pour it into ground in their name?
I guess I need to pour it into earth and just say:"Angel, I.pour this offering to you and you Spirit to strengthen you to acomplish you tasks!"

I made a apple offering to Venus entity about a month ago and hid it.But I think now somebody ate the apple.
So will now Venus entity mess up the charge or will he understand me?

Can I call Venus entity to make another offering while the original charge remains in its astrological time ?

Scott Stenwick said...

In my experience they can work out very complex charges. Some of the ones I have used lately almost read like short computer programs.

However, if you are struggling to explain what you want - that is, you don't really know - they are going to have a hard time with what you mean. Luck can be something like "Shift the odds in my favor in all situations." You don't need to list all the ways luck can come, and it's actually better if you don't.

You just make the offering to the angel. You don't need to specify what you're going to do with it when you make the offering. But if you do decide to pour it out, you can make a statement similar to what you have here. The big thing is that you don't get caught saying you're going to do something and then not do it. Better to leave options more open.

With an offering like an apple, it generally will get picked up and/or eaten by something, especially if you put it outdoors. So I don't think you need to worry about it. If you want, you can always make another offering.

Bishop said...

I was more thinking like i know what i want but i can t really put that charge in a coherent word because it s abstract .So i got something at tip of my tongue and i got a idea but i did n t say it.
For example today i was explaning the Mercurian entities for 10 minutes what i want!
I used synonyms for learning a new language like "Make me understend and speak the A language more better"Then i just explained that i want to be also fluent to some degree in it.I spinned around the idea.

As for luck now the good astrological time has passed for Jupiter and know i don t know will the charge i made have any effect because i listed to entities all the ways luck can come to me.Did n t say that it come in that way just said how it can come.Did i mess the thing ?

Bishop said...

Also please let me ask two more question :
When a planet is in its strong sing like Saturn in Aquaris but not in Capicron it should have a good result while calling a Zodiac Angel of Capicron because its rulling planet is in strong sign?

Do you think goverement could empoy you tehniqs?Or at least research it?

Scott Stenwick said...

They will understand fine even if what you are saying is complicated. The more intelligent ones can also read and understand thoughts to a degree - but you probably are going to get a better result if you can explain what you want, even if it takes some time to do that.

No, you didn't mess anything up. When you specify ways for luck to come you limit it to the ways you specify, but with a long enough list it's possible to cover most sources. My version is just shorter and more general.

In my opinion government probably won't. The American remote viewing program was shut down in 1995 because there was a lot of political opposition to it, even though it worked better than it should have if everything was due to chance. And there's still a lot of opposition to anything associated with the paranormal, both in government and academia.

HalcAre said...

@Scott Sorry for my late reply. I'm assuming the modified experimental field ritual from the magical instruction page is the one you're talking about here. Is it as effective as doing both the LBRP and LIRH in full?

Since your operant magic uses the rituals to open a field that makes subsequent magick more effective, does that mean you'd be able to cast sigils, use the greater key of Solomon seals, or use goetic evocation, or are they incompatible in some way?

Also do you have any tips on how to make black mirror scrying effective? I've tried it several times but the instructions on exactly what you're meant to do or what's supposed to happen are really vague and often self contradictory. The most I've ever gotten was a kind of energetic shimmer pulsing down the surface of the mirror once every few seconds, but that's the same thing that happens to field of vision when I do Kasina meditation on a candle. No faces or figures in the mirror, rather disappointing really.

HalcAre said...

Oh yeah, do you need to worry about electional timing when it comes to mystical workings, such as pathworking or initiation?

Scott Stenwick said...

The difference between the field ritual and the LRP/LRH is small enough that it is hard to be completely sure about the comparison. I usually don't use the field ritual myself these days, but I know other folks who like it and report good results. I feel like it maybe needs a little more work as far as optimization goes, but that could be entirely subjective on my part.

In theory, the operant field should work to "bookend" any system of magick and make it more effective. So far I haven't come across anything where it doesn't help or is incompatible, but I can't say for sure that's universal because I haven't tried it with every system that exists.

Basically for scrying you need to work on developing your psychic senses. Meditation can help with that, but it takes time and you have to stick with it. If you want something that has worked faster (at least for me) see about getting a light and sound machine like this one:

There are also cheaper models available - this is just the one I've used. What you want is an alpha/theta meditation program and you want to run it for about ten minutes before you start scrying. I found that to be pretty effective, and I am naturally not a very good visual scryer.

For mystical work the astrological conditions are still important, but since it takes less energy to push your consciousness than it does to push physical probability around, you can get better results under worse conditions. Void of course Moons in particular don't seem to matter nearly as much for mystical operations as they do for physical ones.

Alex Scaraoschi said...

I've done path workings during VoC a few times and I was pleased with what I experienced and how that manifested into my consciousness later on. Like Scott said, it takes less energy to push your consciousness.

In short, your consciousness becomes more attuned to that particular force and interacts with it. It then becomes enriched through the interaction. So that force merely acts within your microcosm.

In contrast, when you cast for making things happen around you then that force needs to shift things in the macrocosm. This requires a vast amount of energy and power because the spell has to navigate through more than a few probabilities, circumstances, obstacles, etc. This requires the force to be as strong as possible at the time of the ritual. This is one reason many spells fail for people in general and why talismans are best to be made at the most auspicious time one can find and use based on their needs.

Bishop said...

When a planet is in its strong sing like Saturn in Aquaris but not in Capicron it should have a good result while calling a Zodiac Angel of Capicron because its rulling planet is in strong sign?

I mean we what would a difference calling Angel of Cancer while moon in in Taurus versus invoking the same Angel while Moon is in Cancer?

Scott Stenwick said...

Moon in Cancer is slightly stronger because Rulership (in Cancer) is stronger than Exaltation (in Taurus). But they both are good dignified positions, and the Moon is strong in both.

HalcAre said...

Thank you both for the answers, I really appreciate them. I was reading your article about the operant equation that had a bunch of variables for gauging the strength of a spell.

I was curious about the magical strength part - an individual magician's effect on a probability shift. How does that work if you have multiple evocations and talismans going, since your own strength is diluted between spells but the strength of each spirit in each spell isn't.

Say, you have ten spells going, so your personal power is only making about 10% of the shift it normally would. If you cast a lottery spell as the first spell, but then cast nine other spells with different spirits and effects before the lottery spell was due to work, would the first spell be operating at full strength since it was cast first?

Also is it worth bothering to analyse the odds of one successful evocation to make a judgement of your personal theoretical magical strength based on the probability shift? How much of the weight was pulled by the spirits vs you, other such questions in that regard.

Scott Stenwick said...

As long as you anchor a spell on an external talisman, it won't affect other spells. So you don't need to worry about that.

For your example, you cast your first spell anchored to your sphere of consciousness. It runs at full strength until you cast the next spell, at which time the shift it is producing gets cut in half. Then each subsequent spell reduces the probability similarly. It's like time-slicing on a multitasking computer. You have a certain amount of total power and it gets divided among what you have running from moment to moment.

Note that this works the other way too. You cast your first spell, which runs at full strength until you cast the second. Then the probability shift of the first spell is cut in half. But then, if your second spell completes (with a success or when it reaches a time limit) the resources it was using get "freed up" and the first spell goes back to full strength if it is still running.

It absolutely is worth bothering to analyze every operation you do to see what the resulting probabilities are. A single event can only tell you so much, but as long as you record your results you should be able to build up a more meaningful sample size over time that will give you better insights.

HalcAre said...

How do you actually determine the strength of your shifts?

HalcAre said...

Sorry to split comments like this but I just remembered an important question. Can you only create one talisman per evocation, or can you put a premade object in the containment structure, charge the spirits with the effect anchored on the object, swap out the newly empowered talisman for a different object to empower it with a new charge, so on so forth?

I was planning an Aries operation to consecrate a few of my magical tools, and finding an upcoming day with a positive or neutral chart victor and a positive final aspect is a bit of a pain, especially if I try to get it on a Tuesday or Sunday and with a decent planetary hour also. It'd be a simpler to do them in one evocation.

Or would this operate like spells do, where each object's magical strength would be diluted due to the spirits power being split between them?

Bishop said...

When a subject starts practicing mystical paths,invocations,rituals for relatively long time every day can you have general probability shifts in life(not directed at charges in invocations)?

Like I noticed sometimes a small probability shift in things I want !

Not obvious but noticable sometimes.

Scott Stenwick said...

The best way to calculate strength of your shifts is to cast against known or easy to work out probabilities and see how successful you are. The classic example is doing things like lottery spells where you are matching numbers. The exact odds of getting one number, two numbers, three numbers, and so forth are published so you know exactly what they are. But anything with relatively clear odds work the same way.

Sadly, creating multiple talismans in one operation does work like spells. If you create more than one, the power gets divided. I would so love it if I could just put a thousand pennies in the Table of Art, empower them all as talismans in the same operation, and get a thousand times the power. But it doesn't work that way.

Now it is also true that with consecration, the power level is less important than the fact that the tools are consecrated. Tools get stronger as you use them, and the consecration portion of the work is more like a "scaffolding" that allows the power buildup to happen. So once they're consecrated, if the power doing was divided they might start out at a slightly lower power level but will "catch up" with use. Also, if you have a really good election, it could still be worth it because good astrological conditions boost the amount of total power available.

Scott Stenwick said...

As for probabilities shifting around in the course of your daily life when you when you do magick - that absolutely happens and it's a good sign that your practices are working. Magical practice doesn't just build up your ability to formal operations. It also increases your overall "luck" along with your ability to push probabilities by fixing thoughts. Just going into a situation wanting a particular outcome fixes your thoughts on an intent, and if you're up on your practices that will give the world around you a little push.

Bishop said...

When a person stars working towards HGA will the mundane affairs have less influence over them in a sense that a person becomes more efficient,serene,"awake" and not prone to energetical vampirism,arguments etc!

I heard that HGA can have insane probability shifts but it don t fulfill people s wishes?

Scott Stenwick said...

Yes, but that is also true when you cultivate a regular daily practice, not just when working towards HGA but including those sorts of operations.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by your second question. HGAs can do practical things and they are powerful spirits, but they won't necessarily give you anything you want. They also have their own ideas about what they want to do. So if that's what you mean, that's generally the case.

Bishop said...

Well HGA is something like energetic construct of Universe than can take astro-mental influence of Universe and it flows into a person and it s something like intermediate beetwen God and a person I think!

I guess HGA is native or close to Kether or higher Sephirots!

Scott Stenwick said...

Yes, I would agree with that. The HGA is native to the supernal sephiroth and connects with the human magician in Tiphareth. It's kind of like your own personal Holy Spirit, the difference being that it is specifically attuned to your fundamental spiritual nature rather than a single "person" of the Trinity for all people as in Christianity.

Unknown said...

Hi Scott!

Another fantastic video outlining the key points of Planetary Magick, (alongside the Elemental one)! So informative and grounding along with excellent links.
Out of curiosity, when do you plan on releasing the third installment to this trilogy? :-)
Also, what are some examples of how one might decide reasonably WHICH of the three to use for particular operations? What have been some in YOUR experience?

Thanks again, great work as always sir!


Scott Stenwick said...

The plan was to do it a while ago, but I got covid. Vaccinated, so not that sick, but it left my voice kind of scratchy for a while so I didn't post any videos. I'm better now, need to get the Gemini Elixir video up, then I'll do the astrological magick one.

Basically I look at it like this:

Change doesn't need to be huge, but I need it fast - Elemental
Change needs to be huge, but I'm not under a time constraint - Zodiac
Big (not huge) change with some time constraints - Planetary

It's almost like using a lever where the length of the lever is the time involved, since there seems to be a pretty direct trade-off between overall probability shift and time. If the shift has to be faster, it's smaller. And vice-versa. Not sure if that's an absolute rule, though - more experimentation is definitely required.