Sunday, April 24, 2022

Ritual Night Talk for April 23rd

Here is the video of the latest Ritual Night Talk, on elemental magick. The Greek Esoteric Doctrine of the Elements link is here, the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram link is here, and the donation link is here.

The basic symbol sets of Western magick are three - the elements, planets, and signs of the zodiac. Each of these sets represents a complete system in and of itself. Elemental magick is sometimes considered "beginner" magick, in that it is the first symbol set magicians generally work with when following the teachings of magical orders. But elemental magick is also powerful in its own right, and should not be overlooked or dismissed. Since it is a complete system, you can do anything with the elements that you could do with a planet or a sign.


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HalcAre said...

When I was working with Water I definitely noticed a much more immediate fulfilment of the charge as opposed to Venus. Maybe elemental workings are better suited to fast delivery of tangible outcomes.

Can you reuse a talisman? I have metal piece I previously charged as a talisman. I've forgotten the specifics of the charge, and was going to put another charge on it from the same planet and angels.

Do I need to order them to remove the old effect before applying the new one, and can I do this in the same evocation without it diminishing the effect or something?

Scott Stenwick said...

Like I mention in the video, it seems like elements are faster but don't have as much total power, signs are the most powerful but also the slowest, and planets are kind of in the middle. So I would expect you to see a faster result with Water than with Venus, but not as strong an overall probability shift.

If your talisman is stone or metal, it's a good practice to dip or soak it for a bit in salt water to neutralize the previous enchantment. If you can't do that, though - like with a paper talisman - you should just be able to recast as long as you are calling on the same entities and forces. If the energy is the same as what was previously on the talisman, it should all work harmoniously.

HalcAre said...

Good to know, thank you.

Collin A said...

Scott could you comment on best practices of where/how to handle and store talismans after their consecration/charging? Thank you.

Scott Stenwick said...

How you handle talismans after you charge them is in my experience less important than some folks out there seem to think. Some basic ideas from the tradition are to wrap them in cloth of a color corresponding to the quality that the talisman embodies, preferably something like silk. Keeping them out of direct sunlight seems to help them last longer. You can also lock them away in a cabinet or box or something like that.