Tuesday, November 8, 2016

To Free Souls?

Last week, two Georgia men were arrested and charged with planning an attack on the HAARP research facility in Alaska. HAARP was used to study the upper ionosphere, and has been a magnet for crazy from the beginning, and it's actually kind of surprising that nothing like this happened years ago. The men claimed that God told them to blow up the HAARP machine in order to "free souls," which sounds like they were confusing a device used for atmospheric research with the mythical "soul-catchers" that Scientology claims the evil Lord Xenu placed in Earth's upper atmosphere.

Two men arrested last week in southern Georgia were planning to attack an aurora research facility owned by the University of Alaska Fairbanks around which conspiracy theories of mind control have long swirled, investigators said.

Television station WALB in Georgia first reported Monday that investigators with the Coffee County Sheriff's Office arrested Michael Mancil, 30, and James Dryden Jr., 22, on Thursday and said "the massive amount of arsenal seized looked like something out of a movie, one where a small army was headed to war."

Michael Vickers, a detective with the sheriff's office, told Alaska Dispatch News that both men confessed "that God told them to go and blow this machine up that kept souls, so souls could be released."

"All I can tell you is they were planning on blowing up the machine," Vickers said. "Going to try to find a scientist, to steal his car and ID badge to gain access. Any scientist." Vickers could not say what else the men might be charged with. "It is being investigated and there … could be more charges pending, but as of right now, there's nothing I can tell you," he said.

Conspiracy theorists have long argued that HAARP is used for mind control, weather control, and all sorts of other entirely implausible purposes. It has been blamed for the crash of TWA Flight 800 and the loss of the space shuttle Columbia, in addition to earthquakes, storms, droughts, and pretty much any other random bad thing that you can think of. But I have to say, I never have come across the "soul-catcher" one until today. It should probably come as no surprise that in addition to charges related to the planned attack, the two men are also facing drug charges.

It is hypothetically possible that HAARP could influence the weather, but because of the behavior of chaotic systems, it is highly unlikely that it could do so in any predictable way. While it is true that something as small as the flapping of a butterfly's wings can set in motion a chain of weather events that culminate in a storm weeks later, every other small interaction with the atmosphere has the same potential. And just as a point, it is highly unlikely that a spirit could be constrained by an electromagnetic device of any sort. To do that, you need to use magick.

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Marc Jones said...

I've seen videos where it's shown how haarp is used to build and steer low pressure systems. It's part of Their bag of tricks and not just for weather control. A part of me says kudos to those guys slash partisans. Tho haarp itself may not have multidimensional potential - for "soul" manipulation - I fear there are other ultra high tech devices that do have that capability. For instance and tho somewhat different, an electrical engineer claims that if at all possible, Never die in a hospital; because of the amount of EM pollution which disturbs the aura which in turn disturbs deep psyche so to speak. It messes with the transition Nature intended...

Scott Stenwick said...

Personally, I will believe that soul manipulation devices exist when I see one subjected to controlled experiments. I have no idea how anyone could have ever done that, seeing as "souls" are not even clearly defined in a scientific sense. Mind you, if such a thing has been built, I would be very interested in seeing how it works.

One of the things I do find odd about the whole thing is that if this thing really is so nefarious and powerful, why did the government just hand it over to the university? I would think that if it really could do anything dangerous they wouldn't want to set up a situation where some random professor could fire up the thing and start wreaking havoc.

Dacia Pacea said...

I've heard the thing about dying in hospitals from a parapsychologist. It seems that the EM fields there have the ability to block the soul's journey onward, to a degree. Think about all those devices they have there CT scans, MRIs, Xray machines and so forth.

The have also been successful experiments in which people got in touch with ghosts using only a tv set and an antena. In my view, a ghost is the animal part of the soul which got stuck between the material world and the next because of certain addictions and/or traumas. So I guess it could very well be possible to get in touch with things like elemental spirits using the same method. And maybe it could also be possible to get in touch with angels and demons using complex harmonics to draw them. It's just speculation, but imagine scrying on the tv set :)

Marc Jones said...

I heard, tho not from the horse's mouth, that HAARP, is now, has been, obsolete. That they've tech way beyond that which only makes sense. Plus there are a slew of similar installations around the globe and this I didn't know.

My guess is that any multidimensional tech which might interfere with what's left of a person has a narrow window, so to speak. I'd have to think that once a "soul" makes the full transition they are in the Astral Plane proper and beyond earth realm influences of any kind - but for, perhaps, ancient and lingering thought forms. And if this tech exists it likely has an et source.

I just got back from the church in Orleans (Massachusetts) where they've a statue of the Maiden. Got some good clips and am going to work that into the video. The Work goes far beyond France this time...! So to type.

Marc Jones said...

I'll type this here and likely nowhere else. Having returned from a visit to St. Joan of Arc's Church in Orleans Mass., I noted that today is 11/9/2016. That is, in the old calendars, this would equate to 9/9/9. As some secret factions enjoy inversions, that's 666. This is more than interesting. I've never been to that church before. An adjacent side road, about twenty yards away, is Jones' Rd. The synchronicity in all this is, interesting.

Scott Stenwick said...

Here is what gives me pause, though, about the intersection between spirits and EM fields. From experiments dating back to the original Hieronymus machine tests, it is not clear that a powered radionic device is much more effective than a "symbolic" version.

A symbolic radionic device is not even a machine. It is a diagram of the radionic circuit drawn on a piece of paper like a sigil. You concentrate on the thing, and it still seems to work. Skeptics argue that this means the effect is entirely spurious, but of course they say that about magick as well.

The other possible explanation is that a radionic device is entirely magical. That is, the electromagnetic energy flowing through the circuit has nothing to do with the device's effectiveness. That is, the shape of the circuit acts like a sigil and works exactly the same way.

Either of those explanations argues against the idea that that spirits are necessarily electromagnetic in nature. And if they aren't, it's not clear that electomagnetism would effect them at all.

Dacia Pacea said...

I'm not saying spirits are electromagnetic in nature, but out of the four fundamental forces we know, they seem to act more upon this force than any of the others. I mean yeah, they can act upon gravity of you take into consideration the real exorcism behind the movie The Exorcist (I think that one involved the floating body of the possessed person). But those events are much rare than spirits interfering with EM detectors of paranormal investigators.

They might as well interfere with the strong and weak nuclear forces, but i don't know if anyone has thought to (how to) measure those interferences :)

Dacia Pacea said...

Why couldn't these forces interfere back, then?

Scott Stenwick said...

But - they could very easily be affecting gravity statistically far more than electromagnetic forces, because gravity is so weak compared to electromagnetism. As a matter of fact, effects like levitating objects probably make a lot more sense as gravity disturbances than EM disturbances, because the material doesn't seem to make much difference.

Anyway, my point is not that I think it's impossible for EM to affect spirits. I just would like to see some evidence of it besides second and third hand anecdotes, and so far I can't say that I ever have.

Marc Jones said...

Wow you guys are talking about what I'm doing in my video, kinda. I too have read that a symbolic representation of a device works just as well. In all this, I've spent considerable time trying to grok so called aether physics and other alternative models like Russellian physics (and say Electric Universe model which is way closer to reality). All the conventional forces your talking about are (ie., control the masses) theories - yet still pushed in universities. Almost all of it is wrong and They've known it (ie., various aerospace corporations use Non Relativistic models for their innovations!). Gravity is not gravitic force pulling us down - Newton, like Einstein on Relativity, were both majorly wrong and it's all come out now and you can find all this for yourselves online. The 4 forces we learned in school is misinfo as well!! All of it is EM based, then it's so called scalar or longitudinal waves. I'll just say here that we here involved in this particular merry go round discussion is Because of all the lies we've had foisted onto us.

EVP is interesting and I can't believe I haven't put more effort into this. Otoh there are times I'm so sensitive and ungrounded doh I pick up on this stuff simply going about my business. But like I said on another page, none of it seems to go anywhere. Stuff happens then it's over...not much closer to the truth and no free pass through life.

Dacia Pacea said...

I think you're on to something with those scalar waves. But it's not that the for fundamental forces are not real, just that they represent what I was tought in school as vectorial physics. We were told that there are two kinds of waves, vectorial (or vector - I don't know the propper English term) and scalar, and were only tought about the former. We asked the teachers why they don't tell us anything about scalar waves and the answer was that science hasn't studied them, and even if it has, they don't have a part in the school agenda.

As i understand it, scalar waves have to do with the particles' abilities to act like waves, or something like that. Quantum physics anyway. Something Scott has detailed in his recent articles.

If i were to go into conspiracy theory a bit, id say they don't want their studies on scalar waves to leak to the general public in order to hide their discoveries.

Marc Jones said...

The last line sums it up. There is for example nasa, and then the real space program for which the former is a cover (and they are way out there. It's possible they created the flat earth hysteria we see all over youtube to cover all this up!!!). They are already using technologies based on Tesla's work and others and it's non Einsteinian - as he too was a front to get the masses looking down wrong avenues.

Scalar, is a misnomer and more a banter word for those not in the know. Quantum is too btw! It's longitudinal waves and the implosion/explosion dynamic which is then All EM, according to Walter Russell and others outside mainstream. Don't know as much as I'd like about "scalar" waves as dealing with telepathy and psychic impressions every day is Really getting on my phucking nerves. Banishing, when something tangible is coming at you is useless...

Ha, all conspiracy, no theory. And with astrophysics it's all theory! Big bang, black holes...it's all been debunked and they rip college kids off by pushing these false models based on math and guesses. This makes me wonder about Nassim H. There seems to be some kind of singularity for systems but black holes themselves have been dismissed by all these alternative researchers.

I once saw a very simple demo with spinning magnets. So simple it's not fake and it proved free energy is possible. Yet check your gas and utility bills (and school programs, barf).
If you ever find a good Understandable page/vid on longitudinal waves please post. I've seen many but am still wondering. I think they say it's out of phase in space yet in phase time wise. This makes some sense in light of the astral impressions we all get.

I've been looking into solar physics and there to it's all been lies. I mean MAJOR lies. Tis an interesting cosmos yet we've been hijacked, here, clearly.

So how's your Enochian sessions with the Cacodeamons!?

Dacia Pacea said...

I've stopped concerning over conspiracy theories once I began practicing magick. I found out it was a never ending circle of onion layered contradictory information. It's like conspiracy upon conspiracy and cover-up upon cover-up, somehow entangled with each other.

I haven't worked with any of the spirits of the Great Table yet, only with the angels of the Heptarchia.