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The Planetary Work - Jupiter

This article is Part Two in a series. Part One can found here.

Today I will be moving on to working with Jupiter, the next planet in sequence according to the Chaldean Order. Liber 777 associates Jupiter with the "Power of Acquiring Political and Other Ascendancy." So Jupiter is the planet that you would work with for political operations. Also, because our modern society so closely associates money with status, Jupiter can be called upon for financial gain, and as such this article may be thought of as an updated version of this one.

The Sun can also be called upon for money, as it corresponds to the "Power of Acquiring Wealth." But there is a difference, at least in my experience. If you are wanting to get more money working a job as opposed to running your own business, Jupiter is more appropriate. And since that's how most people make their living, the money spell that I published ten years ago calls upon Jupiter. The Sun is more appropriate when you are working for yourself, such as running your own business, or to increase the value of investments and the like.

Jupiter is referred to as the Major Benefic in astrology, but just like Saturn, the Major Malefic, it has two sides. Since Jupiter rules over things like jobs and political offices, it can be called upon to make a political candidate lose or cause a person to be fired or demoted. A commenter on Facebook last week wondered if working with Jupiter might be associated with gaining weight (since the planet rules expansion in general), and while I suppose it could be used that way, I've never seen it just happen on its own as some sort of side effect.

To review, in Qabalah the planets correspond to the double letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The letters are so named because they correspond to two specific sounds each, and this is reflected in the dual nature of the planets. On the Tree of Life, each planet corresponds to both a sephira or a path. Many magicians refer to the sephiroth as "spheres," and you may catch me doing that sometimes as well. It is, however, not a direct translation. The word actually means "emanations" - as in, emanations of divinity. But they are drawn as circles on most diagrams of the Tree of Life, and in addition, "sephira" and "sphere" sound very similar in English.

The important thing to understand about this for practical magick is that the sephira represent states of emanation, while the paths represent movement between them. Invoking the emanations themselves produces particular visions and states of consciousness, and invoking the paths produces particular practical effects. In Liber 777, the paths and sephira have separate sets of colors, separate angels, and even separate godnames. It is relatively common for people working practical magick to ignore these factors, and, say, conjure the angel of a sephira rather than a path. Often said angel is smart enough to figure out what you really want, but it works better if you go for the right aspect from the start.

As an aside, if you happen to believe that magick shouldn't be used for financial purposes, I recommend that you go read this - because Jason is right on the mark. If your goals in life don't include being rich, you don't have to be rich. However, to paraphrase Liber Librae, you do need a stable foundation from which to direct the forces of nature, and as I see it there's absolutely nothing wrong with using magick to create an abundant life that supports your spiritual work.

At any rate, for the Path of Jupiter, the four scales of color are Violet, Blue, Rich Purple, and Bright Blue Rayed Yellow. For ceremonial forms, you use the King scale, which is Violet. Its complement is yellow. All four scales should be used to construct the sigil of the angel. The first piece of sigil is the character of Jupiter, which looks like this:

The angel of the path of Jupiter is Sachiel, spelled Samekh-Cheth-Yod-Aleph-Lamed. The Jupiter kamea is 4 x 4, so the valuations for Samekh and Lamed need to be reduced to single digits. This yields 6 (60), 8, 10, 1, 3 (30), to produce a sigil on the kamea that looks like this:

The final sigil is created by combining the two figures. The grid is not necessary, but I have still included it here to show the geometry. There is no formal method for determining which color goes where on the sigil, but it should include all four scales so that it will span all four Qabalistic worlds and thus constitute a complete symbol. This is largely left to your own ingenuity.

From Liber 777, incenses appropriate to Jupiter are Saffron and "all generous odors." Associated plants are Hyssop, Oak, Poplar, Fig, Arnica, and Cedar. The associated metal is tin, and the associated precious stones are amethyst and lapis lazuli.

The plants may be dried and ground into a powder using a mortar and pestle and can be sprinkled onto the paper talisman as an offering to the angel. Likewise, a piece of tin, amethyst, or lapis lazuli may be placed on top of the paper talisman for the conjuration. You then use the paper to wrap up the whole thing when the ritual is complete and somehow bind or tape it together.

The god-name in Assiah for the path of Jupiter is ABA (Aleph-Beth-Aleph) or AL AB (Aleph-Lamed, Aleph-Beth). It is far more common for Jupiter operations to be taught using Al or El as the god-name for Jupiter, but this is actually the god-name appropriate to Chesed, the sephira of Jupiter. This is a key distinction that few teachers make, and is a method that we have explored at the local Leaping Laughter Lodge Ritual Workshop. It appears to be quite effective, and allows you to make a meaningful distinction between sephiroth and paths in the context of the ceremonial forms.

The full ritual is performed as follows:

0. The Temple

The best time to perform a Jupiter operation is on a Thursday, during the hour of Jupiter. To calculate the hours, divide the time between sunrise and sunset into twelve equal parts to get the hours of the day, and the time between sunset and sunrise into twelve equal parts to get the hours of the night. Days begin at sunrise. The first hour of the day is attributed to the planet ruling the day, and the subsequent hours are assigned according to the Chaldean Order.

Saturn --> Jupiter --> Mars --> Sun --> Venus --> Mercury --> Moon

Following the hour of the Moon, the order starts over again with Saturn. While it seems complicated as first, once you do it a bunch, you'll find that it actually is pretty easy. At this point I can almost do it in my head. There are also a number of software programs that you can download to do the calculation for you, and even some websites that will tell you the hours.

There are a number of different ways to arrange the temple for an operation such as this. What we do is place an altar in the center with the banishing dagger and invoking wand. Also on the altar is a containment structure such as the Sigillum Dei Aemeth or the Trithemian Table of Art. The diagram depicting the character and sigil should be placed within this structure. A small container of some sort for offerings may be placed on the Table of Art, or you can sprinkle the offering directly upon the diagram itself.

The Table of Art shown above is from The Digital Ambler. You can read about the design and how it was put together here. You can click on the image to enlarge.

If you employ scrying in your work, an appropriate device such as a crystal or mirror should also be placed in the containment structure. If you are using incense for such an operation, the traditional method is to place the incense burner between the scryer and the mirror or crystal. Otherwise, it may be placed anywhere in the space. Some scryers like to place a taper candle on either side of the device, and while I can't say that method does anything at all for me, a number of others report good results with it.

1. Opening

Light incense, if used. Open the magical field using the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram, Star Ruby and Star Sapphire, or the Field Ritual. The usual field for practical work is the operant field, with banishing pentagrams and invoking hexagrams.

2. Preliminary Invocation

Raise energy using the Middle Pillar, Elevenfold Seal (the "First Gesture" from Liber V vel Reguli), or some other appropriate ritual method as you may know how to do.

Make the Sign of Apophis and Typhon, raising both arms and holding them straight with an angle between them of 60 degrees, and proclaim, very strongly:

Thee I invoke, who art Universe!
Thee I invoke, who art in Nature formed!
Thee I invoke, the vast and the mighty!
Source of Darkness, Source of Light.

Then make the Sign of Silence, by standing straight with one arm at your side and placing your thumb or forefinger to your lips.

3. Tuning the Space

Perform the Greater Ritual of the Hexagram for Jupiter. Beginning in the east, go to each quarter in turn and perform the following actions.

  1. 1. Trace the Hexagram of Jupiter in violet while vibrating ARARITA (ah-rah-ree-tah). The hexagram of Jupiter is traced by starting at the upper right point and tracing the first triangle clockwise, and then moving on to the lower left point and tracing the second triangle clockwise from there.
  2. Trace the symbol of Jupiter in the center of the hexagram in yellow while vibrating ABA (ah-bah).
The final figure being traced to all four directions should look like this:

Once the four figures are traced, return to face the east completing the circle.

Then, recite the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter.

O Jove much-honor'd, Jove supremely great,
To thee our holy rites we consecrate,
Our pray'rs and expiations, king divine,
For all things round thy head exalted shine.
The earth is thine, and mountains swelling high,
The sea profound, and all within the sky.
Saturnian king, descending from above,
Magnanimous, commanding, sceptred Jove;
All-parent, principle and end of all,
Whose pow'r almighty, shakes this earthly ball;
Ev'n Nature trembles at thy mighty nod,
Loud-sounding, arm'd with light'ning, thund'ring God.
Source of abundance, purifying king,
O various-form'd from whom all natures spring;
Propitious hear my pray'r, give blameless health,
With peace divine, and necessary wealth.

The space should now be tuned for the conjuration.

4. The Conjuration

Note: It has come to my attention that the manner in which I do the conjuration is less clear than I originally intended. The conjuration has been clarified to reflect this point, but it is significant enough to discuss and draw attention to it here. First of all, I am NOT working my way down through the hierarchy to get to "the guy at the bottom" (the spirit) who actually does the work. In fact, I address my charge to ALL THREE entities called below.

If the Godname is included, the four names represent the four Qabalistic worlds - Godname = Atziluth, Angel = Briah, Intelligence = Yetzirah, Spirit = Assiah). By addressing the charge in this way, the operation can "fire on all cylinders" and affect the manifest universe at all level. The Godname represents the power itself, the Angel ushers that power across the Abyss from potential to actual, the Intelligence shapes that power through the realm of formation, and the Spirit interfaces that power directly with the material world from moment to moment.

SACHIEL, SACHIEL, SACHIEL, SACHIEL (sash-ee-EL). Come unto me, great and mighty angel of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), by the name of the great god ABA (ah-BAH). Send unto me JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL), that great intelligence of thine, and thereafter attend to my behest.

Pause until the presence of Sachiel is perceived. If you don’t feel anything or see anything, wait a minute or so before continuing.

JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL, JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL). Come unto me, thou bright intelligence of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), in the name of SACHIEL (sash-ee-EL) thy lord. Compel the spirit HISMAEL (his-may-EL) who is under thy dominion to manifest within this Table of Art, and thereafter attend to my behest.

Pause until the presence of Jophiel is perceived. If you don’t feel anything or see anything, wait a minute or so before continuing.

HISMAEL, HISMAEL, HISMAEL, HISMAEL (his-may-EL). Come unto me, mighty spirit of TZEDEQ (tzeh-DEK), in the name of JOPHIEL (joh-fee-EL) thy lord. Come forth within this Table of Art and thereafter attend to my behest, that I may wield the powers of KAPH (KAHF), the path of the planet Jupiter.

At this point, vibrate the names SACHIEL, JOPHIEL, and HISMAEL repeatedly until the presence of the angel and spirits of Jupiter is perceived within the Table of Art. Various methods may be used to accomplish this, from simply waiting until a presence makes itself known to scrying for an image in a crystal or dark mirror. If this is being performed as a group ritual, with everyone chanting the name together, it is helpful for the officiant or scryer to have a bell chime that can be rung once he or she perceives a presence in whatever manner. At the bell chime, the chant stops.

5. The Charge

My instructions for the charge are simple and straightforward, just as you can find in my published books. Address it to all three entities named above. Make use of an Injunction, which is what you want the angel and associated spirits to do, and a Limitation, which is what you do not want them to do. The Limitation helps you avoid "Monkey's Paw" situations in which your Injunction may manifest, but in an undesirable way.

As I mentioned above, Liber 777 catalogs the powers attributed to the planet Jupiter as the "Power of Acquiring Political and Other Ascendancy." For best results, your charge should fall within that area. Otherwise, you may be asking for something outside Jupiter's sphere of influence. Jupiter's sphere of influence does include employment, which is one of the areas I have worked many times and gotten good results.

At this point you may also make offerings to the angel by placing them in the small container. After the angel has had a chance to partake of the offerings, be sure to dispose of them. Alcohol such as wine may be allowed to evaporate on its own, and natural substances may be scattered outdoors. Do not attempt to reuse an offering - generally speaking, spirits do not take kindly to that.

Your other option is to place the offerings directly upon the sigil itself, if this is practical, as it is with ground-up plant material or spices. If you decide to go this route, you will be wrapping the offering up in the paper sigil and need give it no further thought. Obviously, though, this becomes less practical with liquid offerings, such as alcohol.

Also, You should get some sort of assent from the angel before you proceed to the License to Depart, or an explanation of his objection. When the charge lies outside the angel's sphere of influence, often he will be willing to direct you to another spirit that would be more suitable to conjure in order to better accomplish your intent.

6. The License to Depart

Mighty SACHIEL and the spirits of Thy domain, because thou hast-diligently answered unto my demands, and hast been very ready and willing to come at my call, I do hereby license thee to depart unto thy proper place, without causing harm or danger unto man or beast. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly with the blessings of the great god ABA, and that peace be ever continued between us. So mote it be!

7. Closing

The ritual may be closed with either a final banishing pentagram ritual or with the Qabalistic Cross performed on its own. These should match the rituals used in the opening, so for example if you opened with a Star Ruby you should repeat it or perform the corresponding version of the Qabalistic Cross.

Generally speaking, if you want to release your intent out into the world to accomplish some task external to yourself, you should close with a banishing pentagram ritual. This is similar to the chaos magick idea of releasing a sigil once it has been created and empowered.

On the other hand, if you also want the effect of the ritual to linger within your sphere of awareness, whether or not the intent is also external, you should close with the Qabalistic Cross. This stabilizes the operation, but does not detach it from your sphere of awareness.

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Anonymous said...

Can I call upon Jupiter by the path name ABA and instead of calling Sachiel, I would call Tzadkiel? I use the same sigil for him that RO uses, which is the same as the one for Sachiel in The Magical Calendar.

Scott Stenwick said...

Personally, I would not. For Tzadkiel, you use El or Al because that is the god-name for the sephiroth Chesed and Tzadkiel is the angel associated with Chesed. The point of making a distinction between sephiroth and path is to make the attributions more precise, and this just sounds like muddling them up again.

It's not that it wouldn't work, necessarily. I conjured Tzadkiel for practical stuff back before I was using the sephiroth/path distinction and still got pretty good results. The higher angels are intelligent spirits that can usually get things done, or know enough to delegate to another spirit that can.

What are you hoping to gain by changing the godname here? Have you had problems getting El/Al to work? If anything, with Tzadkiel the sephiroth godname should work better than the godname for the path.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to help someone with financial issues, business opportunities and such. I started regular workings including asking Tzadkiel to bring the energies of Jupiter into the person's personal sphere, so that their microcosmos would become more attuned to receiving financial opportunities, as well as developing the right mindset.

It works good so far, but it's a bit slow. This would be somewhat understandable due to real life situations. But I think working directly with the path - ABA would speed up things a bit.

It was my fault in the first place because I totally forgot the distinction between the sphere and the path. Even though I used the color scale for the path in the GIRP, I went ahead with the godname of the sphere - stupid me :)

I will follow your advice and use ABA and Sachiel from now on in these kinds of workings.

Thank you! :D

Scott Stenwick said...

You could just go ahead and conjure Sachiel (via ABA) and give the same charge that you used for Tzadkiel. Two angels are better than one, after all, and there's nothing wrong with re-using a charge and giving it to a different spirit.

According to my model, that should about double the effect (since in my experience, Sachiel and Tzadkiel are similarly powerful). That could give you the boost that you want for your operation.

Anonymous said...

*the previous post needs some editing :s

I'll definitely do that. It's funny how you posted the first answer and I realized I had mixed the sphere with the path just as the hour of Jupiter began in my time zone. Guess all that pathworking pays off and this was a clear sign for me I'm on the right track. Curiously thought, the effects of the path of Jupiter were some of the hardest... at first :)

I'll post updates in the future with the results.


Unknown said...

This may sound like a stupid question, but so far all my planetary operations have been with talismans, and not as a 'spell' by itself, but I wish to go that way now. The question is: Do I dispose of the sigil after the ritual? After the intent has been carried out?

Blessings :)

Scott Stenwick said...

That is not a stupid question at all. If your sigil is just the Jupiter character and the sigil of the angel, you can reuse it. I have a set of tablets that I made years ago that have the characters and so forth on them, so I am basically ready to go when I need to do a planetary operation of whatever sort.

If your sigil is more specific, such as one that includes the sigil of the angel, the name of a target, something to do with your specific intent, and so forth, you can dispose of it once you have performed the ritual, or after the spell runs its course. In my experience either of those is fine.

Unknown said...

Many thanks for answering. Your blog and writings are proving themselves to be an amazing aid and tool for my development.

Greetings from Argentina :)

Scott Stenwick said...

You are very welcome. I am glad to hear that they are working out so well for you!

Unknown said...

I noticed the ritual no longer includes the planetary intelligence or spirit. Can you talk about how you arrived at this change?

Scott Stenwick said...

I primarily dropped it for this series to simplify and standardize the methodology. You can, of course, still include them if you want, especially if you have an established relationship working with them.

The idea is that the angel rules over the intelligence and spirit, and is intelligent enough to delegate to them as necessary depending on your charge. There may be some cases where calling on the intelligence and/or spirit is necessary, but I have found that for the most part the angel is capable of handling that aspect of the work.

To include the intelligence and/or spirit, draw their names onto the kamea along with the angel. Then, call upon them explicitly by working down the hierarchy as per the previous ritual form.

Anonymous said...

Jupiter is getting closer and closer to a perfect conjunction with Spica at 24*04' Libra and I recently found out that this is a very auspicious timing for financial operations. Instead of only one ritual, I'm thinking of creating a talisman that would be charged with the powers of both the star and the planet.

I read some comments exchanged between you and the reader relating to this kind of operation, and I found it great to include the GIRH of the sign in order to draw the energy of the start even more. I wonder if it would be even more effective to conjure Zuriel and ask him to focus the energies of Spica into the talisman, before conjuring Sachiel and asking him to do so with the jovial energies. The talisman would thus contain the names and seals for Jupiter, Sachiel, Spica, Zuriel and Libra...

What do you think of this? I mean, do you think it could add extra oomph to the talisman?

Scott Stenwick said...

That sounds pretty much like how I would do it. GIRH for Libra first, conjure Zuriel and deliver charge, then GIRH Jupiter, conjure Sachiel and deliver charge. Then you can license them both to depart together once you've done your Jupiter charge.

Spica is the most auspicious of the fixed stars, so I would expect it to make a Jupiter talisman stronger. I haven't experimented with that myself, but it makes sense to me that it would work.

Unknown said...

Hey Scott, sorry to ask this in an old thread, but i've been questioning myself as to which planet to summon for a certain task: I'm currently in the process of entering a new job, but as such, burocracy is making EVERYTHING slow. I wanna speed things up, since I know the job is mine already: Do you recommend Jupiter, or Mercury for this?

Many thanks in advance.

Scott Stenwick said...

You can use either, keeping in mind that they work a little differently. Mercury is good for speed of operations in general, whereas Jupiter will make you more prominent - you'll seem more important and rise to the top of the pile, so to speak. Which is best depends a little on the details of the bureaucracy itself. Is the problem that the gears turn very slowly in general, or that it's hard for you to get noticed by some key player or players in a timely fashion?

Unknown said...

At this point, it's merely about the gears turning very slowly (Which is to be expected and I was already made aware of it through every stage of the whole process). So... Mercury? :P

Scott Stenwick said...

Yes, Mercury is probably better than Jupiter under those circumstances.

Alex Scaraoschi said...

If I may, call on some Saturn for removing some of those blockages ;)

Scott Stenwick said...

That would be a good positive use for Saturn, since it rules structures (including bureaucracies and governments).

Bishop said...

I vibrated the Angel s name then gave him a charge,then i called a Inteligence and gave charge to him and did also with Spirit.
I did n t vibrate Angel,Inteligence,Spirit at same time i did it individually for all there entities.I called a Angel ,vibrated his name until i felt its presence and did the same with other 2 entities.
Is this the right way to do it.

Scott Stenwick said...

That is not how I usually do it, but at the same time I don't necessarily see why it wouldn't work. The point is to get the charge to all three entities, and you can repeat yourself if you want. What I do is call all three and once they are present deliver the charge to all of them - but basically the reason I do it that way is just for efficiency, so I only have to read the charge once.

Bishop said...

Is for planetary magick talismans better if you don t have coresponding materials to use for example a violet kamea of Jupiter and Sachiel s sigil on it in all 4 colours on paper or cartoon or to paint the whole paper in Violet and make a Kamea and Sigil of Angel in its Yellow complementary colour ?(Want to use it as a talisman)

Do I really need to make 4 and 4 talisman for Jupiter or 8 and 8 for Mercury?

Scott Stenwick said...

Remember that the kamea and sigil are not actually part of the talisman. They are like the "phone number" for calling the spirit. The talisman should have an affinity for the energy or quality you are putting into it, but it need not have anything written on it at all if it's the right material. For Jupiter, I often use amethyst crystals. You can also use tin, which is the associated metal.

For a paper talisman, you can just draw the character of the planet, which provides the necessary affinity. It does not need to have the sigil written on it. You should have the sigil traced onto the kamea in addition to the object that will serve as a talisman, and both go in the Table of Art.

As for artistic rendering of the color there really is no consensus. I've drawn them up both ways and gotten good results. It would be hard for me to say if one worked better than the other.

Bishop said...

I made a conjuration of Jupiter 2 weeks ago and now I keep finding pennies ?
Like in those 5 days I found 2 pennies daily?
I made a general luck spell it s weird how it works!

Αλέξανδρος Κουρμουλάκης said...

Hi Scott! First and foremost thank you so much for putting out this materia that has helped me tremendously in my planetary invocations and growth in the past years awesome work I'm so grateful. My question has to do with what you think about astrological elections and good timing when it comes to invocations. I understand that you embrace astrological auspicious times for talisman making but what about when you don't necessarily want to make a talisman and need to invoke Saturn or Mars let's say in an emergency to protect yourself from a curse or attack or even when you need to ask for good and help and you obviously can't afford to wait for a good election which could be months ahead. What has your experience been like in these cases do the same rules apply when you just need to dial the Angel and ask for help? Thanks.

Scott Stenwick said...

Timing makes a difference for everything. Any magical work done under good astrological conditions will work better than one done under poor astrological conditions. That being said, though, sometimes you just need to do something at a certain time and that's the way it is. Poor astrological conditions won't prevent your spell from doing something. The result just probably won't be as dramatic as you would see under good conditions.

So definitely pay attention to it, and if you have to do an operation within a narrow time window choose the best time you can within that window, but don't let the lack of a fantastic election prevent you from doing your operation.