Friday, November 18, 2016

VICE on Love Spells

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VICE has an article up today about love spells, or as they put it, "lonely dudes using magick to get laid." That's a crude way to put it, but it's often accurate. Among others, the author of the article interviewed the blogosphere's own Frater MC, who is currently working on a book on magical seduction.

I would like to think articles like this mean that magick is getting a higher profile in the media. I also appreciate that it includes an interview with a serious worker of magick, as opposed to some of the "media figures" out there whose main legacy seems to be turning magick into some sort of big joke at the expense of genuine practitioners.

Now, this isn't the type of magic outlined by pick-up artists or pulling a rabbit out of a hat so you can get into the pants of your hot neighbour. This is "magick," real men casting spells thinking that it will, honest-to-god, get them laid.

In case you were wondering, the spelling of magick with the "k" comes from occult OG Aleister Crowley and it's used to differentiate between stage magic and occult magick.

"Seduction is, of course, one of the main reasons people come to Magic, and from the days of the PGM [Greco-Roman Egypt magic] to modernity there have been more techniques developed for that purpose than any other, except maybe for attaining prosperity," magician and author Frater MC told VICE.

"People who come to Magick do so often out of desperation, necessity or great desire. They haven't been able to achieve their goals by any logical means so they become more and more willing to try something outside the box in hopes that it might work."

Frater MC is co-authoring a book focused on magickal seduction right now but says his certainly wouldn't be the first. Books, especially E-books, on the subject are littered all over Amazon and people's personal websites.

Until the recent activation of comment moderation, my own love spell article was a magnet for "testimonials" alleging the power of various spellcasters advertising the service, mostly from Africa. My new planetary work series that I am posting on Mondays will include an updated version of that ritual, at least once I get to Venus.

Frater MC is entirely correct about many people coming to magick out of a sense of desperation, which is really too bad. You should be using magick to set up your life the way you want it before anything ever comes to that, but I will grant based on my own experience that it can be hard to do. It actually takes more effort to keep up my practices when things are going well than it does when I have a problem that needs solving.

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