Thursday, December 14, 2017

More Ghost Sex

Back in 2014, I reported on that apparent fad in which a couple of celebrities reported having sex with ghosts. Then, in 2017, I reported on another alleged incident that happened during the taping of a British reality television series. At first the idea of having sex with ghosts sounds pretty farfetched, especially with what we know about sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations. But a number of reports of it are out there now.

The general rule is to always look for a normal explanation before jumping to a paranormal one. I have to admit I'm curious about these cases, though, on the off chance that something paranormal might be going on. The latest story reported by Huffington Post is that of a British woman named Amethyst Realm (seriously, that's her name) who claims to have had sex with more than twenty ghosts. Either she's got some serious sleep paralysis going on, or spirits really have a thing for her, but regardless it sounds like an odd and intriguing case.

Realm appeared on the British TV show “ITV This Morning” on Thursday to discuss what being “ghosted” is really like. The first experience was 12 years ago, she said, after she and her then-fiancĂ© moved into a new house and she felt the presence of a strange entity. HuffPost could not reach Realm for comment on her story.

“It started as an energy, then became physical,” she told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. “There was pressure on my thighs and breath on my neck. I just always felt safe. I had sex with the ghost. You can feel it. It’s difficult to explain. There was a weight and a weightlessness, a physical breath and stroking, and the energy as well.”

Realm said she had an affair with the ghost for three years but that it ended when her human husband came home from work early and saw the shadowy shape of a man through the window. Since then, Realm hasn’t strayed from the paranormal pond and says she’s had sexual encounters with at least 20 ghosts.

When Schofield commented on the number of ghost lovers she’s had, his comments bordered on spooky slut-shaming. “I should imagine you have got quite a name for yourself in the spirit world,” he said. “I would imagine they would be keen to visit you.”

Now Realm wants to get pregnant by one of the ghosts. “I’ve done a bit of research into phantom pregnancies,” she said. ”There’s a possibility that it is a ghost in you, but people don’t know how to carry it to full term.”

Actually, it probably isn't. But it makes for kind of an amusing twist to the story. Seeing as spirits don't reproduce like humans do, or really have any need to do so, a ghost is not going to make someone pregnant. "Phantom pregnancies," or more accurately false pregnancies, have to do with various hormone changes in the body that are similar to those that happen during real pregnancies, and despite the "phantom" appellation have never been connected with paranormal activity or ghostly phenomena.

Following the general rule, my guess is that Realm just has a propensity for sleep paralysis and doesn't find the experience unpleasant the way most other people do. That's unusual, but not entirely unknown. The same is probably true for many of the other cases. Still, it would be interesting to study the phenomenon and see if a paranormal explanation can be ruled out, or if something spooky is going on after all.

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